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YWL Series External Rotor Centrifugal Fan

1. Outline

YWL series external rotor centrifugal fan is widely used in factories, tunnels, cooling towers, vehicles, ships and buildings and air-conditioning equipment and household appliances for ventilation and cooling.The advantage of this kind fan is: high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, large airflow, small size and easy to installation.

YWL series external rotor centrifugal fan prohibited to be used for conveying gas containing the viscous material.
2. Model Description

 YWL     4      E    ---    200       QD
  (1)      (2)    (3)           (4)        (5)  

(1)  Fan Type: YWL --- External Rotor Centrifugal Fan
(2)  Motor Pole: 2---2 pole   4---4 pole 6--- 6 pole
(3)  Motor Voltage: E---Single phase   D---Three phase       
(4)  Diameter of Impeller: 200---The Diameter of impeller is 200mm
(5)  Type: QD--- Single air inlet  

3. Using Ambient

(1)  Using ambient temperature is -40íŠ to 60íŠ
(2)  Relative humidity less than 90%
(3)  The elevation is less than or equal to 1000m

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